Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing

3D-Printing, what´s special about it?- 80 % cost reduction of manufacturing by choosing 3D-printed parts !


3D-printing is the most important coming up technology that will positively influence nowadays production. With 3D-printing you can create complex contours very easily, compared to a complicated machining process.

If you choose 3D printed parts you will increase your efficiency, you'll shorten lead time for manufacturing , and it will save you money.



3D-printing advantages

  • You can basically print any contour and optimize the design for your application (e.g. bore holes in a block)
  • Optimimum lightweight design is now possible to manufacture, material is only where it is needed!
  • It is relatively low on cost
  • Cheap pre-production prototype manufacturing
  • High in quality and precision
  • Repeatable to create
  • Environmentally friendly


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