Reverse Engineering

With our Reverse Engineering of individual components, we offer our customers the creation of complete documentation for the reproduction of a desired component. Our reverse engineering always includes the creation of:

  • Technical production drawings
  • 3D models
  • Material analysis

Based on your requirements, as well as the documents and information made available to us, we will return your part in a way that you are able to reproduce it accordingly.



To reverse engineer parts for our customers, we create technical drawings and material information based on your original part and customized to your requirements.- Our key to success and efficiency is 3D-scanning. By using this method, a precision CAD model gets created with a tolerance of a few micrometers which will be the basis for the technical drawings.

With our reverse engineering services, we offer on-site and off-site part scanning. On-site scanning usually takes just a few hours whereas off-site scanning and sending a part out will last a couple days.


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