Tool and Equipment Engineering 4.0

EnTaCon develops together with you, your customized tool and equipment and we will ensure that this will be successful. With our know-how and our expertise in this business field, we are able to develop your product so that it meets all your requirements and will improve your production processes.



Our Tool and Equipment Engineering:


We offer the development, production and implementation of special tools and equipment that may have mechanic, hydraulic, elektric, pneumatic and measuring features

  • Machining fixtures
  • Measuring fixtures
  • Assembly and disassembly fixtures

Development, production and implementation of tests tands and prototype´s Prototypen

  • Actuator test stands
  • Test stands and devices for hydraulic components
  • Test stands to simulate features and load characteristics

Our services offer furthermore:

  • Repair service and trouble shooting
  • Competitive prices
  • On time delivery
  • Aftermarket support
  • 24h customer support


*NEW* The innovative way to design and fabricate tooling is, that we use 3D-printed parts for tooling and equipment- This is our key to competitive prices and more efficiency. Depending on the material requirements for the specific tool part, almost every high complex and difficult to machine shape can be 3D-printed much more efficient.

Depending on the material requirements of the special designed tool or equipment, almost any geometries can be produced much more efficiently with 3D-printing. It is also possible to implement features which are conventionally very difficult to implement, such as e.g. cooling air bores in a full body. Furthermore, components can be manufactured 100% by beight, since only material is used wherever it is actually needed.


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